Home Computer Services

Computer running slow?

Strange things happening that didn’t used to?

Annoying popups and error messages getting in your way?

Want stuff from your old computer moved to your new one?

Want to make sure you are not providing free internet service for your neighborhood?

 Struggling with Windows 8?

Want to make use of that old computer?

Need help setting up that new computer or internet service?

Need to rescue your files from that old computer that crashed or died?

Laptop screen needing replacement?


The fact is the computer you have now is probably plenty capable of doing what you need it to do. Over time computers get cluttered with malware, spyware and junk you don’t need and aren’t even aware was installed when you clicked that on browser window. Malware and viruses are the most common reason for computers running slowly. We provide our customers with an honest evaluation of their computer and advise the most cost effective solution based on what they use their computer for. We don’t generally sell computers so we have nothing to gain by advising you in that direction.

Our recommendations are based on over 60 years combined computer service experience. We’ve been responsible for the entire IT department of a local Aerospace and Defense company for the last 10 years and are now focusing on the residential and small business customer.

Whether it is Hardware or Software . . . We can Help!

Virus & Spyware Removal

Slow Computer Tune-up

Software Training & Assistance

New PC or Laptop Configuration

Transfer Data to a New Computer

Email Troubleshooting and Setup

Surveillance Camera Systems

Watch your cameras from your phone!

Data Recovery

Error Message Diagnosis

Wireless Network Setup

Hardware Upgrades & Repairs

Software Installation & Repairs

Technology Consultation

Wireless Home Security Systems

Arm, Disarm and Monitor from your phone!

Got a new computer?  Don’t like Windows 8?  We can help you get Windows 7 back!

We work on Windows & Linux PCs, Macs, Laptops, Netbooks, Printers, Networks and MORE!

New customer specials:

$65 flat-rate ANY* service for a limited time!

$200/yr Service Agreements available – contact us for details!

 *Good any service offered.  Some restrictions apply.

Remote/Online Services:

  • Virus detection and removal
  • Slow PC diagnosis and system tune up service
  • Crashing PC/error message diagnosis and remedy
  • Software training and assistance
  • Software installation, modification and removal
  • Driver and firmware updates on any device

Home/Office On-Site Services:

  • All Remote/Online Services can be performed on-site plus …
  • New Computer (Windows/Linux/Mac) Setup, Configuration and Integration
  • Operating System and Drivers Re-installation (reset to default)
  • Backup Solution Recommendation and Restoration
  • Data Recovery (We are the Experts!)
  • PC Upgrades (Memory, SSD/Hard Drive, DVD/Blu-Ray Drives, Motherboards)
  • Dual Monitor Setup and Configuration
  • Defective Component Detection and Replacement
  • Wireless/Wired Network Configuration and Troubleshooting
  • Internet Service Provider Diagnosis and Resolution
  • Home/Office Media Server Setup, Configuration and Integration
  • PC Cleaning and Removal of Damaging Dust
  • Maintenance Agreements Available

Network Services:

  • Secure Wireless Network Setup (keep freeloaders off your network)
  • Setup of Wireless Guest Network for your guests (don’t give out your router password!)
  • PC/Mac/Linux Networking Configuration – Share your files, printers and other devices
  • Server Sales/Configuration – Share/Backup your files from a central location

Laptop Services:

  • Additional Memory, SSD/Hard Drive, DVD/Blu-Ray Drive Upgrades
  • LCD/LED Screen, Keyboard and Battery Replacement
  • Charging/DC Power Jack Repair

Cell Phone/Tablet/iPhone/iPad Services:

  • Pictures/Data/Settings Backup and Restore
  • Firmware/Software Upgrades
  • iPhone/iPad jailbreaking
  • Android rooting (jailbreaking)

Home/Office Security/Automation Services:

  • Video Camera Surveillance CCTV Systems (view on your phone/tablet while away!)
  • NextAlarm.com Security System Insallations/Upgrades (monitor your system online!)
  • Home/Office Automation – Control your A/C, lights and more from your PC, tablet, phone  or by automatic schedule

Media Room/Other Technology Services:

  • Projector Setup and Configuration
  • SmartBoard Interactive Whiteboard – Configuration and Support
  • Audio and Video Systems Integration
  • Gaming Consoles setup and service
  • X-10/Vera Communication Systems